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Spanked by daddy stories

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The force of the smack drove me into his thigh. The feeling is exquisite. Daddy's girl was now very sorry that she had brought up the topic of being naughty. He must have thought that my whole prayer had been a charade, that I was making a mockery of sacred things, although I didn't grasp that at the time. Would you like to put your dick between them?

She just wished there was some way to feel like a good girl again without having her bare bottom paddled over Daddy's knee. He turned my skirts back down again to preserve my modesty and released my wrists, allowing me to rub my bottom while I cried and cried across his lap. Spanking Stories and Discipline Articles. Her pussy tightens up around my cock and that combined with the sexy sight of her cumming pushes me over the edge.

I put her feet on my shoulders and begin kissing her inner thighs as a tease. My cock now has a mind of its own, ignoring all the als from my brain telling it not to get aroused.

She spaned patiently tried to explain to Daddy that she was much too old for. Daddy held my wrists firmly against the small of my back and clamped my legs into position between his.

Desolate, I nodded my spanled yes or no when he prompted me with questions, calmly laying out the logic which lead, step by step, inexorably, to my guilt. Then I do what I have done before to spank her bottom; I pull down her shorts and panties to bare her ass.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Long before the last lash of the strap, the pain of my punishment had blotted out all else. Did spanking me make your dick get so very hard like this? Daddy caressed her bare bottom. Then I get real close to her womanhood and inhale her special scent that is so intoxicating.

The matter was never spoken of again. I hated myself. Then I finally lower her legs. So she thought that she would go walking in the in the woods.

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She knew that she was Daddy's bestest girl and that Daddy loved her. The Good Lord has commanded me to spank you. It had been fun throwing the dirt clods and rocks down onto the road and watching them smash. This time she pushes my head back and I lay it against her thigh and watch as her open pussy pulses from her orgasm.

She had kicked her panties down around her ankles and she stepped out of them leaving them on the floor. After I'd changed into them, I climbed out of bed and crept to the full length mirror. Some other kids' Daddies did this and I had wondered what it would feel like. The swelling in my bottom was gone by the next day, although the belt marks were still visible.

I-" The expression on his face turned me to stone. On each outward stroke, saliva is dripping off of my cock onto her tits, making a mess of her chest. Now get over here before I get even more upset by your disobedience. I said that I was a terrible, terrible sinner, and that God would never forgive me.

Spanking life

It was on these occasions that Daddy gave his girl spankings, on her bare bottom​. Then other thoughts started to creep into this image. The soft cotton chafed and felt itchy against my welted skin.

F/M · F/MM · F/F · F/FM · FFF/F. That hurts!! I also knew that after weighing my words in the balance, he would side with Mommy, as he always did. Next, Daddy and I went down to the kitchen where Mommy was finishing washing the dishes. Daddy stood on her left side and tapped her bottom with the cane, measuring his storke.

Daughter spanked by father

Then the door closed behind him. MENU. Sotries she is making it really dadcy for me since my wife no longer seems to want to have sex. Moving up and down she strokes my cock between them, and she kisses the head as it pops out between them. My loathing filled all space until even the pain from my bottom was barely noticable. Aftershocks flow through her body every once in a while making her pussy clamp down around my sensitive cock.

So she went skipping home to have lunch with Daddy. At the bottom of the cut there was a "Beware Falling Rock". Cheating on the system in two hard strappings. An Spankef Spanking from Daddy A misbehaving older daughter gets spanked by her daddy and ends up wanting and getting a whole lot.

Daddy's sexy stories — an unexpected spanking from daddy

But I immediately told him I was sorry I had lit the matches and sorry I had denied it. Content stoires under the Daughter Spanked by Father category. But that afternoon, as Daddy turned up my skirts, I had already plummeted to storles level of misery beyond fear or embarassment, a level of misery I had never known existed. My head is swirling with conflicting emotions.

Spanking Life. When Daddy asked her how she had spent the morning she said that she had been walking in the woods, which was true, of course, but not the whole story.

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And, almost as if a spell had been cast, the need to cry faded away. His hand felt so spamked after the hard spanking. Oh, how it hurt!

And I felt too miserable to ask. But for several years afterwards, sometimes, when I had trouble sleeping and lay awake late into the night, the part of me that remembered the truth returned uninvited, still wanting to know what had really happened.