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My second love

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#1: your faith in love gets revived

And eventually it seems like it could have never happened any other way. A second love will help in healing those parts of you.

You are smart enough not to repeat the same mistakes. The dreamlike fantasy has somehow vanished, and that's because you now know that not every fairytale has its happy ending. Meeting this imperfect person who feels perfect is what you needed at this point.

There is still definitely a feeling of obsession. Being able to love another human being makes you feel great about yourself and about life. Teen love, college love, adult love.

Falling in love is different the second time, and that's the beauty of it

I was confused and concerned that it never came. It's an experience that is probably as close as it gets to universal. Second love makes sense. It's unexpected, and you don't know how or why you feel the way you do, but you just do. You are a bit more protective, want to make sure the relationship could work long-term, and you don't want to repeat past mistakes.

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It reshapes your understanding of soulmates. You want a relationship where you solve wecond conflicts without nearly killing one another. Dealing with heartbreak is hard, and it can make falling in love for the second time feel much scarier than it was the first time around. It's like a whole new part of you opens up in every possible way. About the author Writing makes me feel alive.

This is different than your pure first love, secodn you may have fallen hard, very quickly and then asked questions later. It never stops being a good thing. Second love makes you believe in timing. Even if you had your heart broken and feel like no love can ever compare, know that these are just feelings out of hurt.

#2: your faith in humanity gets revived too

For me, all of the falling in love feelings in my brain and my stomach were pretty much the same. Do I feel respected? While I don't think it's totally settled by the second relationship, I think part of that fades.

After your first love, you've gotten all of those unrealistic expectations out of the way and are ready to start being an adult whatever that means. It's more like a controlled experience. It's OK when you and your new boyfriend make new memories. Nothing mh as sweet as the first time you fall in love. That your fairy tale is still out there.

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Maybe not fully getting it, but starting to. You feel the butterflies but you tend to hold them back to make sure that the feelings are real. You're more realistic. It's OK to break free secoond the mold you're used to. It feel as though you'll never be the same, and in many ways, that's true.

Just think of it this way: Our hearts are big and open, and are willing to love anyone who will love us back. By Jamie Kravitz Sep. I [have since] learned to be more vocal, to express those feelings.

Discovering you have the power and ability to love multiple people with very different personalities, likes and interests can leave you feeling disoriented. But I xecond over it eventually. You have better self-control.

Falling in love for the second time feels different from the first in these 6 ways

Get the best of Thought Catalog in your inbox. Let me be blunt: The first time you fall in love is an insane and unheard of magical life that you'll never ever be able to reclaim. Perhaps this is because it's all just so new and exciting to feel the warmth, love and acceptance from another person. It's fun and it feels good, but it's ultimately fleeting and then you're hopefully left with something genuine and lasting.