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Excalibur quotes soul eater

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Although, maybe they didn't think so as much back then. I can't be defeated by toilet paper.

Focus on the chick in front of us. Following the rules doesn't guarantee an escape from fear. All students and Meisters must hear it. That's the kind of man I was! You don't understand assassination, do you?

Victory and glory? Stand still and await my return.

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And Saturday, we can't forget Saturday. She is the object of fellow student Ox Ford's affections, though she is often annoyed by his romantic advances. Scream the name of Black Star! Are you okay?! Those aren't enough, I never have seen anyone have it that easy.

I am a Grim Reaper. You're an unappetising useless little girl.

Soul eater

And all that. I don't even know why I bother with you anyway. That someone was Franken Stein: "All the more reason to dissect one, before the whole species dies off. It happened long ago when I was still in the flower of my youth. Until the world is balanced.

I'll surpass the power of the gods. Don't you know that it only harms them more? Though he would model the demon weapons off of Excalibur, he'd never admit it to the sword due to his egotistical attitude. I soup it could have been a Tuesday or Wednesday. And Saturday, we can't forget Saturday. Thaaaannnnkkkk youuuuu! And now all my efforts have been completely and utterly wasted!

You got me, you little octopus head? No, it was qutes Monday. They became lazy, idol time wasters. That means I'm always prepared to die for my Meister!

Just tell him in that special way that you have. And I'll win!

It;s only natural for the rest of the world to progress with it, don't you agree? What gives you the right to be the one to punish me?

Wanna see? You may not be able to understand the subtle genius of my character wxcalibur I assure you there are others who do.

What is it something I said? Where am I supposed to go? Damn it! Water ever-flows from higher elevations down to lower ground.

I am, Hiro the Brave! Personality Despite its classification remaining amongst the other pre-existing demon weapons, at least in regards to its properties, Excalibur doesn't conform to the typical restrictions of its kin, as in actuality anyone is considered compatible soil its wavelength and thus, capable of wielding him. The two of you aren't in a line!