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Mountain lions in ohio in the 21st century!

Un checked with an area resident who owns exotic animals, but the man said he didn't own a mountain lion, and none of his other animals were missing, Kurzinsky said. However, the name can sometimes be confusing.

Researchers have developed the Cougar Network to provide information about mountain lions and to list verified sightings. The verified sightings of mountain lions in the Midwest are usually young males.

The cougar, or mountain lion in ohio

Nevertheless, a fair of people do keep mountain lions as pets, and they are not regulated under state law, Graham said. Not conclusive in any way and suggested they were made by a large dog, the paw prints are telling and huge. Cougsr officer told ODOW officials he had a second window of opportunity at about 6 ohoi. I also think there are probably some living with darker coats than normal that can appear as black in certain lighting and look like panthers.

A wildlife officer spotted this animal and took an amazing photograph before the cat disappeared into the treeline. They are still feared by ranchers although they ouio kill livestock or domestic animals.

Mountain lion sighting

Monday, Canton police Capt. I reserve a special kind of F that for. As a precaution, Canton police were keeping people out of the Fairhope Nature Preserve, near where the animal was first reported, Kurzinsky said.

According to Ohio Department of Natural Resources Assistant Wildlife Management Supervisor Chris Smith, the ODNR is not aware of any. My wife and Clugar have lived in the bush, homesteaded in, hunted and lived in, Alaska for ten years. We are familiar with a lot of common, wild animals.

Photo courtesy of the U. Nothing ever came of it after his reported sighting.


I think there probably are some mountain lions in southern Ohio. They seemed to indicate that the animal is moving east, toward the town of Louisville. Unverified Sightings of large black cats have even arisen in Portage County in Mountain Lions are not known to have a thriving population in Ohio… But they are seen.

From celebrities like Uncle Si of Ducky Dynasty professing to have seen a large panther-like black cat to friends and neighbors quietly professing to have seen such a cat or its tracks in Ohio, it is certain that the Buckeye State is not excluded sightings of large cats in the wild. Calls continued to come in Ohlo.

We have received many unconfirmed reports of sightings over the years, but never anything concrete. Note to readers: if you couagr something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission. There are even hunting seasons on Cougars in western states such as Idaho. The first panicky call about the big predator came in about p.

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The hunters at that time had thought there were more. The last Cougar in the northeastern United States was reported in In alone, there were eight Missouri mountain lion sightings. Although mountain lions are uncommon, they are not considered an endangered species in Ohio, she said.

Cougars in the western United States are increasing in population. There was much local debate on the subject with some folks believing a panther resides in our county, while others believe a large bobcat was simply mistakenly identified as a panther. I know this aint worth much without the photo, but I saw ni legit trail cam pic of a big cat in Cambridge today. This animal was hunted down and killed.

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Bobcats in Ohio You might be surprised to learn this, but there is an active bobcat population in Ohio! Kurzinsky urged members of the public to be cautious and call immediately if they see the big cat. Mountain lions, also known as cougars or pumas, are tawny colored, stand 2 to 2.

The status of lions in ohio

The animal disappeared into a tree line. There are countless, unverified unphotographed, etc. Below is a ccougar video from — in Monroe County The Black Mystery Panther in Ohio A much more cryptic set of sightings in Ohio tend around what is called a black mystery panther, or a black leopard.