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Celebrities that smell bad

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Ezra Miller Source: Getty Images The eccentric actor isn't big on personal hygiene or dousing himself in cologne. Take a look and see if any of these smelly citizens of the Hollywood set surprise you, or if celebrtiies had a feeling all along. Kanye West Although this man could afford any cologne that money can buy, it seems as though Kanye prefers his own natural musk instead — which actually happens to smell just like money!

What these celebrities smell like – according to people who’ve met them

And if that wasn't enough, her former bodyguard claims she'd go days without having a shower. According to him, she often smelt of stale tobacco because of how frequently she supposedly smoked.

Sure, Jess, we believe you. They also hinted towards the fact that they let Jennifer know this little tidbit about herself.

Apparently, quite a lot of celebrities actually have a problem when it comes to their personal hygiene. On the other hand, news surfaced that Disick kicked her out of their rented villa because of her smell. Smdll does he smell like? However, earlier this year, a BBC reporter actually told her she needed to take a shower.

One of the main reasons for this is because she just loves to play around with her scent and try out new aromas. That stale funk of cigarette smoke clings to his unwashed body for celebritiee smell that is unparalleled in its ick factor according to costars, reporters, and crew members on film sets.

On top of had, you may also need to make several appearances, do press rounds and even fly around the world to promote your work. Travis Scott In this segment, the cosmetics queen noted that her then-boyfriend smelled like fresh cologne and soap, considering he showers every single day.

What's next, sharing toothbrushes? I love her.

Here’s what 21 celebs smell like, according to people who’ve basked in their presence

Jennifer Lawrence has been lucky enough to smell this heartthrob in recent years, and she has confirmed that he smells just like sandalwood. Kourtney Kardashian The Kardashian celebritiws has made an empire out of beauty products and being their fabulous selves.

Cardi Celebritiea Source: Getty Images Her old roommate, who apparently had an axe to grind, revealed that the rapper smelled "like fish. So, Snooki smells like kitty litter and stank breath.

No-one really wants to get celebritjes reputation for stinking up the t. In preparation for some of the movie roles he has taken on over the course of his career, Johnny has not washed his body or his clothes for weeks on end — and the smell was not pretty.

A smelly example of her healthy habits extended to her use of Chinese dirt supplements, which she chowed down on during filming of the flick, The Spectacular Now. In a GQ profile piece celebrrities him, the writer revealed he smelled "like cigarettes and not deodorant. She also reportedly eats meals in bed and doesn't wear deodorant. Well, Matt, if it works for you, then alright, alright, alright!

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Oprah Everyone loves Oprah, right? The smell is apparently impossible to wash out of the expensive material, meaning some people refuse to lend Woodley any of their clothes. I smell like a cabernet. The celebrlties Jersey girl has also admitted that she chews gum instead of brushing her teeth — a nasty habit that even husband Jionni LaValle says makes her breath reek!

Zac Efron Due to the fact that he spends a huge amount of his time working up a sweat in the gym or climbing random mountains for the fun of it, Zac often smells like the product of physical exertion. The actor was reportedly alienated.

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She likes the smell of her natural oils. She is also known for smelo her own urine. Instead, Rashida prefers to keep things simple, and she prefers to keep things clean. Although it may seem as though this woman is perfect in every way, her former co-stars have quickly brushed this notion under the carpet. Despite their slew of awards, money, and fame, these 15 celebrities are notorious for their carelessness cwlebrities it comes to personal upkeep and basic hygiene.

However, he refuses to wear deodorant — and has done for over 20 years — because he hates smelling like someone else.

Jennifer lawrence

Johnny Depp Nobody could deny the fact that semll method actor did everything he could to get into his roles, and sometimes this was detrimental to his smell. The Daily Star once reported that tnat allegedly hated his breath because of all the stuff that he drank. Justin Bieber So, it might surprise you to learn that the new and improved Biebs actually smells delicious! His body odour is said to be so bad that people have requested to sit downwind of him during gigs and shows!

Instead of hopping in the shower afterwards, Zac follows celebritiss Brad Pitt school of hygiene and cleans up with a set of baby wipes instead!